Gain a solid grounding in policy development through short online modules hosted by skilled facilitators, offering innovative tools, resources and access to a peer-learning policy network.

The course

Module 1
Exploring fundamentals
Thursday, 20 October (12 - 2 pm CAT)
Module 2
Participatory Ecosystem Assessment
Thursday, 27 October (12 - 2 pm CAT)
Module 3
Understanding the Legal Side
Thursday, 3 November (12 - 2 pm CAT)
Module 4
Measuring Success
Thursday, 10 November (12 - 2 pm CAT)
Who should take these courses?
  • Forward-thinking policy-makers who want to transform their entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Experienced policy-makers who are new to the field of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Emerging policy-makers interested in breaking into the innovation and entrepreneurship space.
What will I gain?
  • These four modules will allow you to develop specialised skills, focusing on key aspects of policy-making in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem using Africa-based case studies and practical application.
  • You will strengthen your policy making journey through peer-to-peer engagement with like-minded peers;
  • You will boost your CV through continuous personal and professional development in your field of interest working from where you are.

Your Learning Journey

Blended offer

While learning online offers you time-flexibility and the ability to study anywhere in the world, we are aware that the best learning is done in a peer-learning community. This is why, each module is designed to help you get the most out of your learning experience, with a combination of trainer input, interactive activities and peer-engagement during live sessions.


The course is also supported by a comprehensive Entrepreneurship Policy Toolkit and a module-specific playbook, which you are able to freely access to further aid your self-study.


A certificate of attendance is awarded after each module, and certification of course completion awarded after successful completion of all 4 modules, and a closing event will be held to mark this occasion.

Once you register, you will then receive your course welcome pack by email.
We will send a calendar reminder 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before each module.
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