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Welcome Policy Innovators!

This toolkit is designed for forward-thinking policy innovators that want to transform their entrepreneurial ecosystems and support their governments with policy reform through deliberation and cutting-edge evidence.

Our aim is to co-create this toolkit with you. We want to make sure it meets your needs and is a resourceful tool in your policy-creation process. That is why this is the Beta Version of the toolkit. It is made to evolve and improve with your feedback.

The toolkit focuses on the technical considerations around the tools and processes needed to develop policies and legislation supporting the growth of startups and SMEs across Africa. In the sections below you will find a wealth of information aggregating multiple sources and outlining many interesting case studies, examples and best-practices.

We believe we can enhance the content with your experiences and amazing ideas. Share with us any suggestion of improvement or amendment you may have through the “Engage” button above. This toolkit was made for you and we want to hear from you !


Part 1 of the toolkit covers key considerations when beginning to build your entrepreneurship policy. You will explore the different legislative & regulatory tools relating to SMEs and startups, as well as how to target beneficiaries and engage the private sector.


This part of the toolkit will help you explore your country's entrepreneurial ecosystem. You will learn tools to identify and assess your ecosystem as well as the challenges it faces.


This final part of the toolkit covers all the key challege areas impacting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and gives in-depth technical solutions that you may want to consider when building your entrepreneurship implementation strategy, policy or law.

Part 3 - Policy interventions by topic area

This section digs deeper into the ecosystem challenge area related to finance and offers possible strategic interventions. It explores in particular the different financing instruments available to entrepreneurs.
This section explores how public policy interventions can facilitate market access for entrepreneurs. You will learn how to create bigger markets and improve market access for entrepreneurs located in your country.
This section delves into how business development and growth support service providers can help SMEs and Startups improve productivity and quality of service.
This section dives into the challenges faced by startups and SMEs in the field of governance and regulations through 5 cross-cutting intervention areas amongst which the simplification of procedures, cost/fee reductions and better awareness around regulations.
This section focuses on how to foster a national culture of entrepreneurship in your country. You will learn how policies can promote entrepreneurship and explore the personal traits of entrepreneurship. There is a special focus on fostering women entrepreneurship.
This section explores the physical and digital infrastructure required to foster entrepreneurship. It analyses how to create better access to quality ICT and utility services.
This section focuses on the acquisition and management of talent. You will learn how to foster job creation through startups and SMEs growth.
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Help us improve this beta Toolkit by sharing your thoughts, improvements, ideas and suggestions.

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