The toolkit is designed for forward-thinking policy makers that want to transform their entrepreneurial ecosystems, as well as startup founders and other key ecosystem players that want to support their governments with policy reform through deliberation and cutting-edge evidence. 

Seasoned policymakers and those new to the area of entrepreneurship will find value in this kit. The toolkit is:

  • A one-stop-shop for information: Aggregates research from multiple sources 

  • User-centered: Designed with users in mind,

    • (Part 1), offers an overview of ecosystem building, and addresses many considerations a policy maker must evaluate 

    • (Part 2) provides an assessment approach, and 

    • (Part 3) offers a catalogue of interventions and best practice examples structured around seven core challenges that policy makers are seeking to address.

  • Iterative, Revisable and Interactive: We will be launching the first version of the Toolkit in Q1 2021, but there is much more information to aggregate, many questions we hope to answer through the coalition of researchers, and more work to optimize the user-experience and access of this vital information.